A new ink-first experience with Journal, a Microsoft Garage project

There’s something magical when inspiration hits: that moment when a great idea starts to form, where you finally solve a big problem, or you find moments in the day to process your thoughts. For many of us the way to express this inspiration is through writing. We reach for a piece of paper to start capturing our ideas. We sketch….

Hackathon project mirrors courage, accelerates progress in the Microsoft Garage Residency

The project team of epilepsy data tracking app “MirrorHR” finds success and support in a Residency with The Garage. For seven years, Microsoft’s Hackathon has sparked new opportunities and given employees the creative space to champion innovative solutions and ideas that can make a difference and solve critical problems. MirrorHR is here to accomplish just that, to achieve a vast….

Garage project Sketch 360 comes to Surface Duo

Nearly two years ago, we released a Garage project created by a passionate engineer who channeled his classical architecture training and love for drawing into a 360 sketch app. Sketch 360 enables artists to create full, 360-degree, panoramic sketches with ease, using an innovative grid design. Originally released on Windows and designed around Surface Laptop, Surface Go, and the power….

Microsoft Hackathon 2020 Grand Prize Winner: Customizable digital assistant

What if you could train a digital assistant on what was important to you and teach it to do tasks, like look up today’s pollen count, book the next open local campsite, or alert you when an item goes on sale? The grand prize winning team of Microsoft Hackathon 2020 did just that with their customizable digital assistant project, built….

Get paid for your photos with Trove, a Microsoft Garage project

We’re excited to share a big announcement for Trove, a Microsoft Garage project! Now, people can get paid for contributing accepted photos to AI projects in the Trove marketplace with new PayPal integration. Anyone can try Trove via the new web app and a now open app for Android, expanding participation in the experiment beyond the select set of users….

MIT students build Mosaic to explore art across cultures at Microsoft Garage

Art is one of the few languages which transcends barriers of country, culture, and time. Most people view art subjectively through a lens shaped by their experiences and environment. Finding commonalities among pieces from different eras and mediums calls for an open mind and a sharp eye. The Mosaic project is taking this intellectual and human approach and augmenting it….

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