Microsoft Hackathon 2020 Grand Prize Winner: Customizable digital assistant

What if you could train a digital assistant on what was important to you and teach it to do tasks, like look up today’s pollen count, book the next open local campsite, or alert you when an item goes on sale? The grand prize winning team of Microsoft Hackathon 2020 did just that with their customizable digital assistant project, built….

Get paid for your photos with Trove, a Microsoft Garage project

We’re excited to share a big announcement for Trove, a Microsoft Garage project! Now, people can get paid for contributing accepted photos to AI projects in the Trove marketplace with new PayPal integration. Anyone can try Trove via the new web app and a now open app for Android, expanding participation in the experiment beyond the select set of users….

MIT students build Mosaic to explore art across cultures at Microsoft Garage

Art is one of the few languages which transcends barriers of country, culture, and time. Most people view art subjectively through a lens shaped by their experiences and environment. Finding commonalities among pieces from different eras and mediums calls for an open mind and a sharp eye. The Mosaic project is taking this intellectual and human approach and augmenting it….

Zero Waste Certified: Sustainability at Microsoft Hackathon

While Microsoft’s Puget Sound campus has achieved Zero Waste Certification since 2016, the Hackathon was the first Microsoft event to achieve that honor in 2018, and again in 2019. With sustainability as a priority, the Hackathon planning teams share details of what it means to be zero waste. Every summer Hackathon brings together employees from different disciplines and organizations, along with….

Unleash Your Creativity

Microsoft Garage recently hosted an opportunity for children of Microsoft employees to create artwork to share their ideas for solutions, and offer a helping hand in bringing communities together during this global pandemic. As times have brought work and home together, many kids need new forms of engagement. Originating from Garage Israel, the idea was quickly replicated across the globe,….

Windows Insiders hack sustainability at Microsoft Hackathon

What do a forester, a developer, and a software architect have in common? A passion for problem-solving and, as it turns out, stopping illegal timber trade. Antonio de Marco, James Mundy, and Mauro Petrini came together from different corners of the world to participate in the 2019 Microsoft Hackathon. Their objective was protecting biodiversity through sustainable forestry by solving one….

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